Team Scheduling

The idea of a team calendar has been in the works for a while at Majestri. A few separate narratives have converged for us to really knuckle down and push ahead with releasing a version of this module.

This article explains all of the functionality available in Team Scheduling, and outlines the recommendations we have around it's usage, particularly during this period of returning to sport after the COVID-19 lockdown.

What are Team Activities?

There are two types of activities that can be created on the team calendar by somebody with sufficient privileges (committee member, event coordinator, team official):


Once matches have restarted and playing schedules are known, fixtures can be modelled on the team calendar.

Team Activities

This encompasses everything else for a team outside of fixtures - activities like training, social events, break-ups, photos, etc.


Team Calendar

The Team Dugout has a new section that represents the next few upcoming events (if any) on the team calendar:

Team  Dugout -  Schedule

From this section, you can then go on to create a new fixture or a team activity, or view the entire calendar for that team (past and present activities).


Activity Sheet

Once an activity has been created, then you are able to navigate to a dedicated Activity Sheet that has a built-in set of functions that can be performed on the activity. Selecting one or more people from the provided checkboxes 'unlocks' a set of bulk actions.

Team  Activity  Tracking

RSVP System
If a club would like an indication in advance of how many players or officials plan to be in attendance for this activity, then you are able to initiate an email invite to each player where an RSVP will be requested. Further information is in the next section.

There is a general email function that will allow you to target some or all of the people listed on the sheet.

RSVP Status Updates
If an RSVP request is not sent, then administrators can update statuses on behalf of team members.

COVID-19 Tracking
The relevant authorities have released document templates that outline the type of tracking clubs are expected to perform as part of returning to normal programs. See the section below for how this can be done all from within Majestri.


RSVP System

Selecting from the list of checkboxes allows for an RSVP invitation to be issued to team members. You are provided with a popup screen that allows the subject and a custom message to be specified.

Team  Activity  Invite  Popup

Once sent, the team member will receive an email inviting them to the activity.

Team  Activity  Invite  Email

Upon clicking the embedded link, the member is taken to a list of all activities awaiting their RSVP. They can then indicate whether or not they will be attending, with the given response immediately flowing through to the activity sheet.

Team  Activity RSVP



At the moment, fixtures must be created manually once matches resume. Majestri's endgame is to be able to pre-load the entire set of club fixtures once they are published. If you believe that you are able to access this information in a spreadsheet format, then please don't hesitate to send it through so we can perform an analysis to assess the viability of using that data to create fixtures.


COVID-19 Tracking

With the sea of 'toolkits' and guidance that are being released at the moment by authorities, the only thing that hasn't changed is the increased expectation on volunteers to fulfil these new obligations. Majestri is a system that we have built to save you time, so if your burden is being increased in the wake of this unprecendented lockdown, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at, and we'll see what we can do to help.