Womens Social Soccer

ASSC has two Women's Social soccer teams playing 7 a side in a competitive but very fun environment - so even if you have never played before come and try out and see if you enjoy it as much as our teams do!
If you are interested in joining us please contact Derrick at president@aspendalesc.com

Womens Metro 7s

The Womens Metro 7s play is an over 35s Womens competition playing in the Bayside area. There are two seasons during the year split by the July school holidays. Games are generally on a Sunday afternoon but some away games can be at other times. The 7 aside competition has modified rules so that women of differing abilities can feel included.

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Social Soccer

ASC will be host a Soccer Mums program in Feb. Details and register here https://www.gofootball.com.au/play/pick-your-location/Aspendale-SC 

GSM  Feb 2022

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