Registrations for returning 2023 Members are open: 01 December 2023 to 31 January 2024 via an individual link sent to the registered email address of each players parents.

New members to the Club in 2024 (turning ages 6-18 in 2024) can register their Expression of Interest to join a team between 01 Dec 2023 and 31 March 2024, and be added to the waitlist.

New places will then be offered on existing and new teams to waitlsited players 01 February to 31 March 2024.

Further details about Miniroos (U7-U11), Juniors (U12-U17) and Senior (U18+) teams are available under relevant FAQ page and on our Facebook site.

Please direct any registration questions to the Club Registrar at


Registration fees for 2024 are below (which have remained unchanged since 2018):

Miniroos (turning age 6-11 in 2024) = $290

Juniors (turning age 12-18 in 2024) = $350

Seniors (18 and above) = varies depending on comp.

The only additional costs for the year is for playing kit (shirt and shorts), socks, shin guards and boots.

Playing Kits

We are changing the way we administer our club playing kits and moving away from loaning shirts to players in most teams. 

In the 2023 season we switched all Miniroos and Juniors teams to the new design playing kits of Orange Shirts, Black Shorts and Orange Socks.  All existing players received a free kit as part of the switch.

From 2024 onwards all new players and existing players that need a larger size will need to purchase a new players kit.

The new style shirts come with a pair of black shorts, they come as a package and we are unable to mix and match sizes. You will need to buy orange socks seperately.

Please be sure that you are requesting the correct size, once a playing kit has been issued it is too late to change your mind and replacement kits will need to be purchased. Please carefully check the STORE SIZE GUIDE on the website Store Size Guides and order the Players Kit via the ONLINE STORE.

Junior Squad Numbers

It is important to note that as Junior players require numbered shirts ASC will tightly control these squad numbers. These shirts need to be uniquely numbered across playing groups and over time it might become necessary for members to purchase new shirts as they progress through the age groups.
Players will be issued their own squad number and we will endeavour to keep this common through their age changes. We will also try to give siblings in different junior age groups the same squad number so that shirts can be handed down where possible. 

Due to the complexities of maintaining these unique squad numbers across multiple teams we are unable to accept requests for favourite numbers.

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