Event Setup Checklist

Setting up an event in Majestri is pretty straight-forward, and the best part is that you're not alone. We actually do most of the hard part for you as part of our service with a smile.

You can treat this page as a checklist - if you've considered everything for your event that is listed in this page, then don't let nothing hold you back. Open the gates!

Creating the Event

If you haven't actually created your event yet, then you may be better off with a quick read through our overview article on events, which explains the steps to actually creating the event in the first instance.

You can pick up again here once that's done.


Set the Event Dates

It goes without saying that your members are going to want to know when the event is. In Majestri, there are two sets of dates about an event which we consider important and need to be set:

Registration Start and End Date
These dates represent when somebody can register for an event. The registration facility will not be available to your members outside of this date range. Do take note that a committee member can still perform a proxy registration outside of this date range.

Event Start and End Date
This date range represents the actual event itself. When time lapses past the end date, the event will go into the "Past" category in the Control Room.

Attaching a Fee Package

If you're going to be taking payments from your members for your event, then you're going to need a fee package. Chances are, our out-of-the-box "Per Player" and "Per Registration" offerings are a bit Plain Jane for price points you might have.

Read our short article on event fee packages to make sure you're not going to be left a dollar short.


Verifying the Registration Form

Depending on the event, you're going to want to ask your members questions that may pertain to the event. If they're adults registering themselves and maybe their kids, you may have questions for everyone. The good news is that we can capture anything you want to know about anyone. Our short guide to tailoring your registration form outlines what we'll need from you in order to build the ultimate registration experience for your members.


Setting Terms & Conditions for Registrants

Your club has expectations of your members about settling their debts and the way they conduct themselves. Formalise this into a binding agreement with them by creating some terms and conditions for them to accept at registration time.

This guide tells you how to set them up and how they'll appear.


Payment Plan Settings

If you're planning on offering your members the option to pay by Majestri's direct-debit Payment Plans solution, then please have a read of our overview on Payment Plan Configuration.

Association Registration Step Linkage

Depending on what sport you play, we have a different article set up that matches the association system your members are required to register into. Please click the link below that matches your sporting code.

If your sport is not listed here and you have a mandate from your peak bodies that players be registered into their system, then please contact us at support@majestri.com.au.


Miscellaneous Settings

There are a couple of minor settings that also give you control of the event once registrations are present.


This setting is dependent upon teams being created and players assigned to them. It controls whether a parent or player who is not a Team Official can see the contact details of other players and parents.
Generally, setting this to Yes probably won't accomplish much (in our opinion). Your teams may bypass it by having the Coach or Manager (who can always access everyone's details) distributing contact lists off-line.
The reality is that for making things like intra-team carpooling easier, this setting is best left as No.


The grading process can sometimes mean that you're swapping players between teams fairly regularly until it all settles down. Activating the first setting means that if you assign a player to a team, the system will automatically pull them out of any other team that they're on.
You can also set a limit on the number of players that can register for an event. Remember that each registration can have one or more players present, and it is the actual player total that is meaningful, not the number of registrations.


Test Registrations

The best way to make sure that your event is set up the way you like it is to put through a test registration.
We have developed some specific guidance on the best way of doing this.

Opening the Gates for Member Registrations

Once you're happy with how it's all set up, it's time to fling the gates open so everybody can start registering. 

We also have a checklist you can work off for opening the event.