Team Dugout

Every single team that gets created in Majestri has their own Team Dugout. It's everybody's window into the team's operational activity.

Different people can see and do different things, however, so this article talks about who can do what and for what reasons they'd be accessing the Team Dugout.


In order for a Team Dugout to exist, you first need to have built teams, so if you're not yet at this point you should read:

Team Dugout Overview

As we build more functionality into Majestri, we find that it becomes necessary to have a central place that ties it all together. For our Team Management module, the Team Dugout is that place. 

Team Dugout

So who should be using the Team Dugout? Let's have a look at what it offers and to whom.

Administrators/Committee/Event Coordinators

These guys are the ones who kick it all off by building the teams in the first instance. After they've done that job, they can offload operational responsibility by installing their coaches and managers.
At any time they can return to this screen to do virtually anything - they are in control.

Coaches & Managers

Known by the wider term 'Team Officials' in Majestri, this is their central place to administer the team. They don't get to do absolutely everything that the people above can (mainly around viewing people's financials), but they can shoulder all of the operational load.

Team Members

This is the lowest level of access. If somebody belongs to a team (or somebody their responsible for does), then they'll be able to view the information on the Team Dugout, but not perform any operational duties.

In the next sections, we'll examine the functionality available in the Team Dugout.

Contact List

At the top of the Team Dugout we list the people involved with the team, starting with the appointed Team Officials, followed by the Players. The player information includes contact information which is provided at the point of registration. This information is visible to everybody who is a part of the team.

Note:- If you are uncomfortable with players and parents seeing each other's contact information, then it can be hidden. Check out how at: Event Setup Checklist 

Match Report

Anybody with Team Official access (or higher) can build match reports for the team. Realistically, it's likely to be the team officials as they attend the games, but using this facility it's possible to record:

  • Match Results
  • Player Points
  • Match Breakdown

Team  Dugout -  Match  Report  Modal


Lastly, for posterity, we keep a store of messages that has been emailed to this team via the system. It's worth noting that only messages sent to the team are logged here. This is because we don't want to show messages that may have been sent privately to a subset of the entire team.


If you've reviewed our guidance and still have more questions, chances are that somebody's already asked it before. To see a list of questions and answers already documented, please visit: